WILL YOU TAKE ME AWAY? MAKING LOVE, LOVE WHATS THE MEANING OF IT ALL? Following smash-hit performances in London, New York, Toronto and Germany Jim Steinman's Bat Out of Hell is revving its engines and peeling into London's Peacock Theatre for a pit stop on its UK tour.Book Bat Out of Hell musical tickets now to secure your seats whilst availability lasts. AND WERE GLOWING LIKE THE METAL You know how it is! I know who I am and I know what I want. BUT ONLY JUST, SLOANE HE must re-learn to speak.). FALCO You keep away from my daughter. If I hadnt run away, none of this wouldve happened. BAH BAH DOO BEE WAH WAH, ZAHARA AND IT WAS NOTHING BUT AN ENDLESS DREAM BUT IT WAS SOMETHING Teenagers . STRATS red shirt is torn from his back in amongst the riot.). ZAHARA forcibly makes TINK leave with HER.). YOULL SEE!! ILL BE GONE WHEN THE MORNING COMES, WHEN THE DAY IS DONE Kidnap my daughter? BUT NOW YOU FINALLY GOT THE POINT, ZAHARA Wasted youth! . RAVEN Yes. ), IM NOT ALLOWED TO LOVE, NOT ALLOWED TO FALL AND YOURE THE ANSWER TO EVERY PRAYER THAT I EVER SAID. WHEN, YOU HOLD ME SO CLOSE A large drink in her hand as always. BA OOH SHAP SHAP SHAP SHAP SHAP SHAP ANYTHING YOUVE BEEN DREAMING OF SO I CAN TELL YOU ALL TO BUGGER OFF, CANT YOU HEAR THE CHOIR NOW FALCO and SLOANE sit in the front seat, unaware of the servants dancing and singing around THEM. I always had a lot of feck! AND I NEVER SEE THE SUDDEN CURVE WERE GONNA GO ALL THE WAY TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT Not that I wouldnt like to try. I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE WILL YOU RAISE ME UP? AND I KNOW JUST WHAT TO PROVE ZAHARA Remember when we were trapped and we were all scared, we all thought we would die there. BA OOH SHAP SHAP YOULL NEVER DRILL FOR OIL ON A CITY STREET, JAGWIRE AND ENSEMBLE SLOANE What are you wearing? C'MON AND THROW THE DOG A BONE AND I KNOW THAT I'VE BEEN RELEASED BUT I BUT THERES NOTHING WRONG LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL, STRAT AND ENSEMBLE AND I KNOW YOU'VE GOT THE SCARS TO PROVE IT, ZAHARA I KNOW THAT YOU AND I TO ME?! IS THIS THE WAY THAT ITS SUPPOSED TO BE? AND THE LAST THING I SEE IS MY HEART AND DONT YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING I KNOW JUST WHERE TO FIND THE ANSWERS (During the battle, RAVEN slips out of Falco Tower and into the street in her nightgown, covertly watching the increasingly violent dance. NO I WONT DO THAT. HE WAS STARTING TO FOAM IN THE HEAT. BABY BABY! Read all about it in the colophon. I GOT A TASTE OF PARADISE STRAT (backed up by ALL) The musical adaptation of Meat Loaf's best-selling 1977 album just landed in New York Aug. 1, and is set to rev its engines on 55th Street for just five weeks after two years of productions . AND MAYBE IM DAMNED IF I DO Eighteen years in a convent! IVE TOLD YOU EVERYTHING I POSSIBLY CAN SO MANY THREATS AND FEARS SO MANY WASTED YEARS 40 years later, Jim Steinman's critically acclaimed . And you wonder why theyre all scared of you. RAVEN ), FALCO Raven (Sings) Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you.. RAVEN (to Zahara about Strat) Do you know him? AINT NO ONE GONNA KNOW WHERE, JAGWIRE AND THE LOST You just decided that for me. ILL PROBABLY NEVER KNOW WHERE SHE DISAPPEARED SLOANE Because they dont have a mother that loves them as much as I love you! Just for tonight? FOR THAT I LOVE YOU, STRAT AND RAVEN WELL, LET ME SLEEP ON IT Whatd you do?! BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER DO YOU LOVE ME? ZAHARA kicks the jukebox. THERE WAS FOG CRAWLIN OVER THE SAND, LIEBESWOOOSH (AMY) ZAHARA appears from behind.). (The LOST run away as FALCO threatens them viciously.). SLOANE It's electrified audiences in London, New York, Toronto and Germany, and won the audience-voted Evening Standard Award for Best New Musical. SLOANE You are paranoid and youre ridiculous. STRAT I asked you this once before, but I dont think you heard it. GOTTA BE DAMNED FALCO There you go pumpkin time for nighty night. WHAT DO THEY WANT TELLING YOU BA OOH SHAP SHAP ZAHARA (Rushing out of the room) Theres a lot you dont know about me, Strat. Were still the Lost, arent we?. COME A LITTLE BIT CLOSER NOTHING EVER GROWS FALCO, SLOANE, AND SERVANTS BABY, BABY LET ME SLEEP ON IT HOW ANY BOY SHOULD DIE SO YOUNG, WE WERE RACING WE WERE SOLDIERS OF FORTUNE Take me there now. STRAT On a Hot Summer Night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? Get lost! UNTIL ITS WAY TOO LATE, (The screen shows the sudden curve then turns to show the bike hurtling towards it and us. Tinks been looking after him. AND DONT YOU HEAR ME SCREAMING IS BLOWING DOWN OUR BODIES AGAIN WILL YOU TAKE ME AWAY? AND I GUESS THAT IM NO ONE'S GONNA KNOW WHERE YOU'VE BEEN, STRAT AND THE LOST LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL JAGWIRE AND ENSEMBLE ), (RAVEN sleepwalks out of her window, above the cage where the lost are imprisoned. Please read rules and pinned posts before posting/commenting. ILL GIVE YOU AN ANSWER IN THE MORNING. IT WAS LOST LONG AGO HE slowly walks back towards HER. AND THE FIRES ARE HOWLING ROCK N ROLL AND BREW, JAGWIRE IM NOT ALLOWED TO CRY, TREMBLE, WHIMPER, SIGH I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE (SLOANE pushes the box towards RAVEN. AS LONG AS YOUR DREAMS ARE COMING TRUE, STRAT & ENSEMBLE EVERY NIGHT I GRAB SOME MONEY I CAN DO THAT. Wild. DOES IT COME WITH THE DARKNESS? STRAT AND RAVEN FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, STRAT FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, RAVEN OH, FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU, RAVEN FOR COMING TO MY ROOM WHEN YOU KNOW IM ALONE, STRAT FOR FIND ME A HIGHWAY FOR DRIVING ME HOME, STRAT AND RAVEN AND YOU GOTTA KNOW FOR THAT I SERVE YOU, RAVEN FOR PULLING ME AWAY WHEN IM STARTING TO FALL, STRAT FOR REVVING ME UP WHEN IM STARTING TO STALL, STRAT AND RAVEN AND ALL IN ALL FOR THAT I WANT YOU, STRAT A shaft of light illuminates the face of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed boy. AND I NEVER GET A MINUTE OF PEACE AND NOTHING'S EVER WORTH THE COST, (As STRATS bike twists and turns, the screen shows that HE is rapidly driving toward the coastal cliffs. WELL BOTH BE SO ALONE, (We see the highway again. TINK Im still your best friend right, Strat? I KNOW, I KNOW, HEAVEN CAN WAIT ILL BE WAITING HERE WITH SOMETHIN THAT YOULL NEVER FORGET, BLAKE AND LEDOUX IN THIS WHOLE WORLD Meat Loaf (September 27, 1947 - January 20 , 2022). SO LONG, BLAKE AND ENSEMBLE OH, IT MUST HAVE BEEN WHILE YOU WERE KISSING ME WHAT DYOU EXPECT? I DONT KNOW WHAT IT IS, BUT IT JUST WONT QUIT, RAVEN & ENSEMBLE ), STRAT (genuine) Im sorry, I didnt mean to , STRAT (sings a line of Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through) THE BEAT IS YOURS FOREVER, (TINK joins in its their joint friendship song), STRAT AND TINK HE turns around to see TINK standing in the doorway.). AND TAKE ME TO ANOTHER LAND The sky is whipping the sea I just dont want to be invisible (By now, hes clutching HER tightly.) BUT ITS ALL COMING BACK TO ME Bringing to life the legendary anthems of Jim Steinman & Meat Loaf, this critically-acclaimed production uniquely combines the magic and excitement of a musical with the immense energy of rock n roll. Just you and me. JAGWIRE I wish he was here. YOU CAN FEEL THE PULSE OF THE PAVEMENT RACIN LIKE A RUNAWAY HORSE, BLAKE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU FALCO (pressing her head against the wall) Think I didnt suspect you were one of them? Music Live > 1979 - Bootlegs for Trade : Trading DVD VCD VHS CD : DVD's, VCD's, Videos, and CD's". ALL REVVED UP WITH NO PLACE TO GO FALCO Wow. IN THE BLAZING SUN ON A SILVER BLACK PHANTOM BIKE IM GONNA MAKE MY ESCAPE, ALL IF YOU DONT, I WILL!! This used to be your Dads. And Lost boys stalk the streets THEN IM DYING AT THE BOTTOM OF A PIT SLOANE (with real urgency) Baby, Its too late for me but its not too late for you. Im sorry I thought , (Disappointed, Strat heads for the window). OH, IS THIS A BLESSING? AND IM LOSING MY SENSES BUT THAT AINT GETTING US NOWHERE Strat, the forever young leader of The Lost, has fallen for Raven, daughter of Falco, the tyrannical ruler of Obsidian. FALCO, SLOANE, AND SERVANTS Clouds fly by. I WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE This cannot be happening. BUT WITH EVERY OTHER BEAT I THE LOST exult together and sing the final, incredibly fast verse and chorus. FALCO Can you believe theyre trying to shut down my new housing project? OH BABE DONT GO! I WAS KNEELING IN THE CHAINS OF MY MASTER OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL, STRAT (very intense, tearing up as HE speaks) Do you see those stars? AND I SWEAR ITS TRUE I WAS JUST ABOUT TO SAY I LOVE YOU WE SEE ALL THAT WE WANT TO SEE (THEY stare at each other for a moment and STRAT turns back to RAVEN. DOES IT BRING OUT THE LIGHT? RAVEN Youre going to be eighteen forever and Im going to age. Their heads rocking with rodents IT NEVER FELT SO RIGHT OF A BURNING BIKE SLOANE, ZAHARA, JAGWIRE, and THE LOST enter. Sexy and dangerous. EDITORs NOTE: Once upon a time, a casting call for a new Strat understudy was discovered online, including the full script of Bat Out of Hell The Musical dated May 29, 2017. WHAT DO THEY THINK IN THE LAND OF THE PIG You have such a way with words. An early birthday present. RAVEN wipes tears away from her face shes full of emotion as she grips the t-shirt). (FALCO spits on his hand and extends it. I HAD TO RUN AWAY ALONE FALCO Your boyfriend is no longer with us. I NEVER WANT TO LOSE IT, LEDOUX Jadeveon Clowney's last move with the Cleveland Browns happened off the field a public bashing born of frustration and disappointment. SOMETHING LIKE A DREAM COME TRUE, I WAS OUT ON THE PROWL FALCO Strats dead. Mummy and Daddy were sleeping in the moonlight. AND LET THE DRUMMER TELL TINK It is your fault. AND INTO THE FIRE, STRAT (backed up by ALL) AND WERE GLOWING LIKE THE METAL ON THE EDGE OF A KNIFE ), (ZAHARA, holding a pint of blood, disconnects the IV from RAVENs arm, and tapes a cotton ball to HER.). BUT I WONT DO THAT OOH OOH THEN LIKE A SINNER FALCO We were young and alive and the whole world was springtime! SLOANE You shouldnt have to endure us on your birthday, (RAVEN turns her back on them, burying her face in the pillow.). WHAT PART OF MY BODY HURTS THE MOST? FALCO Ok Time for a little sleep medicine, ok kiddo? OF OUR ONE NIGHT TOGETHER AND ITS ALL COMING BACK TO ME ROCK N ROLL AND BREW CANT YOU HEAR THE CHOIR NOW The nearly 10-minute long song "Bat Out of Hell" opens the classic album by the late singer Meat Loaf. (FALCO watches TINK back out through the door and laughs to himself.). WHEN I COMPARE EM NEXT TO YOU, JAGWIRE AND THE LOST RAVEN Im not. I guess you all should have thought twice before trying to hurt my family. AND INTO THE FIRE (Grabbing ZAHARA by the collar) Where is he? STRAT (he looks at her intensely) On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses? WILL YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE? I GOTTA BREAK IT OUT NOW Based on one of the best-selling albums of all time, the award-winning wild child rock musical features a powerhouse of hits including "You Took The Words Right Out of My Mouth," "Bat . TO THE CONTRARY AND I SWEAR ITS TRUE STRAT Trust me. STRAT But youre not like the others, Tink youre special. ), FALCO IF YOU DONT GO OVER THE TOP, HOWRE YOU GONNA SEE WHATS ON THE OTHER SIDE?. COULD BE BURNING ON THE EDGE OF THE ICE FIELD, AND NOW THE CHILLY CALIFORNIA WIND AND ILL BE THERE TIL THE FINAL ACT COME ON AND THROW A DOG A BONE OUT OF NOTHING AT ALL WELL, IT WAS LONG AGO SLOANE Well boy, Whats it gonna be, Yes or no? FALCO (bemused) Ransom? BUT ITS ALL COMING BACK TO ME This website tries to be the only one you need when you desperately need lyrics to the songs of Meat Loaf, Jim Steinman and selected related artists. WE GOT BETTER THINGS TO DO OH YOU WERE LICKIN YOUR LIPS A second and hes off with renewed fury. ANYTHING YOUVE BEEN DREAMING OF What happens when Im thirty-two or forty-two or forty three ? KIDS AT PLAY!, THOSE WERE THE RIGHTS OF SPRING Opened Aug. 8, 2019. FALCO But look at what Ive made for you, what more could you possibly want? RAVEN (Placing his hand on her heart.) WHO NEEDS TO SEE THEM DO AND IF WE, RAVEN (conflicted, fighting to get the words out) No no Ive waited so long but its no good. STRAT Shes so pure and so beautiful! AND ILL TAKE A VOW AND SEAL A PACT, JAGWIRE Fuck him! Wasted youth! BUT ILL NEVER FORGIVE MYSELF SLOANE FALCO (overlapping) Move. (THEY make out, sinking down into the car, out of view. Bringing to life the legendary anthems of Jim Steinman & Meat Loaf, this critically-acclaimed production uniquely combines the magic and excitement of a musical with the immense energy of rock 'n' roll. DOWN IN THE GUTTER OH COME HERE NOW (She leaves crushed. The entire city is b-b-burning. WILL YOU NEVER LEAVE ME? ROCK N ROLL AND BREW AND I WANNA TAKE HER OUT OF THE FRYING PAN, BLAKE, LEDOUX, LOST THOUGH ITS COLD AND LONELY IN THE DEEP DARK NIGHT MUST BE TOLLING A BELL Hes gonna slide in head first. Tbh I don't have much to trade - I don't even have a list, I just have a folder on my hard drive with various mp4s in, and half off them are probs old yt rips from before I even knew what trading was, so if someone has a boot they don't mind gifting id be super pleased, although happy to trade with what I've got if anyone wants it lol Totally don't mind which boot, however my friend loved the original colosseum cast the most, so that would be incredible! The producers of Jim Steinman's Bat Out of Hell - The Musical, featuring Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf's greatest hits, are delighted to announce the musical's . WELL, I REMEMBER HOW HE LEFT ME ON A STORMY NIGHT AND IF YOU NEED ME LIKE THAT WHEN THE NIGHT IS OVER AND IF YOU NEED ME LIKE THAT THAT DO MORE THAN WALK, ZAHARA And dark were light FALCO OH LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL! THERE WAS A TIME WHEN I KNEW JUST WHAT I WAS LIVING FOR, RAVEN WHAT PART OF MY SOUL IS CRYING FOR CRYING OUT LOUD LISTEN TO THE MARKETPLACE SING Bat Out Of Hell. WHEN THE DARKNESS HAS DISSOLVED AND I CAN SEE TINK OK breathe a little just breathe . THAT DO MORE THAN SEE, ZAHARA TINK Its Tink! ), FALCO My dreams are highly flammable AND I THINK SOMEBODY SOMEWHERE NOW, NOTHING AT ALL I MUST BE STRONG, AND MY HEAD WILL BE UNBOWED AND OBJECTS IN THE REAR VIEW MIRROR WILL YOU MAKE ME YOUR WIFE? YOU TOOK THE WORDS RIGHT OUT OF MY MOUTH BUT I CAN SHE HER RISING UP OUT OF THE BACK SEAT NOW I screwed up so bad. The entire city is burning. BUT YOURE EVERYTHING IM DREAMING OF ), (After a few seconds, STRATs eyes open wildly.). I WAS FLYING, OH WITH YOU RIGHT ABOVE ME, AND NOW THE CHILLY CALIFORNIA WIND ANYTHING YOUVE BEEN DREAMING OF WHAT PART OF MY BODY HURTS THE MOST? (THEY go to the door, gazing briefly back at RAVEN and then close the door causing the breeze to rustle the curtains at the window which had been left ajar.
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